Diversity Management and Inclusion

If you live in North Korea, you do not need this course. Anywhere else:

  • our understanding of “right” and “political correctness” are not absolute, but relative beliefs that can be questioned;
  • traditionalists, boomers, Gen X, millennials, iGen are all around, and we need to live together offline;
  • you interact daily with people of different ethnic and religious backgrounds, as friends, neighbours, colleagues, or shop assistants;
  • LGBTQIAP2 is not just an acronym, and #metoo is not just a hashtag: there are real people behind them, and their lives depend on you knowing how to deal with diversity, equality, and inclusion.

This study program prepares you to be a “people’s person”, to deal successfully with “difference” in a group of friends and in your social circles, or at work. You will learn to be the master of your culture, not its slave.

Radu Szekely

head teacher for Diversity Management and Inclusion





Radu has a strong academic and professional background in education and training, as well as wide experience in politics, civil society (NGO) and business. He has taught for the last 20 years in all forms of education, from primary to university, and has worked in a variety of countries including Cyprus, England, Finland, France, Romania, Spain.

He was the founder of the first Cultural Diversity Management programme in Finnish adult education. He has coordinated several international education projects funded by the European Commission and has received a Lifelong Learning Award from the Slovenian Presidency of the European Union for promoting mobility in adult education.

What will the students take with them after a year on your study programme?

At the end of their year at VNF students will know how to get involved in today’s global society, in its development and its leadership. They will have the skills to navigate the many layers of diversity, will know how to recognise and work with diversity, how to make the best use of it, and how to be a ”people’s person” – someone who feels at home in every cultural context. They will use English fluently and confidently at all levels of work and social life, which will help them go through the modern world at a faster pace than others.

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