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Prepare yourself for future challenges!

VNF is well known for its qualities when it comes to preparing for entry at universities and colleges, as well as for working life.

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Studying the scientific subjects will give you an opportunity to delve into entrance-specific literature within your field and practise your ability to pass entrance exams. You will also gain insights in study and answering techniques necessary. If you attend one of the art programmes you will be tutored in creating a portfolio, which will be of use when applying to further studies and work.

Several languages are spoken in the school every day. Instruction is mainly in Swedish, but both Finnish and English are used on occasion.

We cooperate with Åbo Akademi University, and arrange courses through Open University throughout the academic year. This means that you will have the opportunity to gain academic credits during your year at VNF, credits that will be useful in future university studies.

The art programmes also cooperate with the University for the Creative Arts in England. Based on agreed election criteria, the main teachers of the art programmes have the authority to select students from VNF for BA-exam studies (3-year programmes).

Welcome to the folk high school building bridges between cultural and language groups!

Citizens outside EU
Please note that the Finnish government does not provide a residence permit for one-year studies at Folk High Schools.