Citizens outside EU Please note that the Finnish government does not provide a residence permit for one-year studies at Folk High Schools.

NOTE! Diversity Management and Inclusion program!

The number of places allocated to non-EU citizens is now full.
Henceforth applications are accepted only from citizens and permanent residents of the EU and the Nordic Countries.

Direct Application August 7, 2017

Successful applicants will be notified by post. You may apply to programmes at VNF directly by sending in a completed application form. You can find an electronic form here.

Are there admissions interviews or tests at VNF?

Yes, there are. Applicants to the Dance and Drama programmes are selected on the basis of interviews and tests.

Students who submit their applications by 12th June are called for interview/test on 15th/16th June.

Students who send in their applications later, before the deadline (7th August), are called for interview/test on Friday, 11th August.

Note that the interviews take place on the days immediately following the deadlines (16th June and 11th August), and we shall therefore need to have your application in good time to be able to notify you about the interview/test by post. Without an interview/test you will be able to compete for a place only if there are cancellations. For other programmes students are selected with special regard to the applicant’s grades. In individual cases, the applicant may be called for an interview.